Reprint Permissions

Reprint Permissions

To obtain a copyright reprint permission for a PRO-ED test, book, one of our materials, a Journal Article, or to translate a PRO-ED product, please choose one of the following areas below and download a printable form. Instructions are provided on each form.

Test Permissions

Test Permissions Editor
Phone: 512-451-3246, ext. 601 Fax: 512-451-1773
Printable Download: Test Copyright Permission Application
(Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)

Books & Materials Permissions

Permissions Editor
Printable Download: Permission Request Form
(Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)

Foreign Translation Permissions

Foreign Rights Permissions Editor
Fax: 512-451-3293
Printable Downloads for Tests, Books, or Materials:
Publisher/Distributor Translation Request Form
Student/Dissertation Translation Request Form
Researcher Translation Request Form
(Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)

Journal Article Permissions

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