The Boone Voice Program for Children–Second Edition (2340) 


Price: $250.00

The second edition of The Boone Voice Program for Children takes a new look at voice evaluation and voice therapy for children. This cognitive program is designed to give children insights into why they may have voice problems related to voice abuse. Step-by-step guidelines and materials are provided for both the evaluation and remediation of voice disorders in children. The program is based on the therapeutic philosophy and procedures developed in The Voice and Voice Therapy.

The Screening, Evaluation, and Referral Manual ncludes instructions and stimulus materials. Vocal abuse and therapy procedures in the Remediation Manual incorporate a hot-air balloon race as a stimulus for the child to keep record of voice progress. Picture, written, and spoken stimuli are presented for 12 facilitating approaches to be used in voice therapy:

  1. Changing Horizontal Focus
  2. Changing Loudness
  3. Changing Vertical Focus
  4. Chewing
  5. Ear Training
  6. Eliminate Hard Glottal Attack
  7. Establish New Pitch
  8. Explanation of Problem (Counseling)
  9. Masking
  10. Open Mouth
  11. Pushing
  12. Yawn-Sigh


  • Screening, Evaluation, and Referral Manual
  • 50 Voice Screening Forms
  • 50 Voice Evaluation Forms
  • 50 Voice Report to Parents Forms
  • 50 Voice Referral to Physician Forms
  • Remediation Manual
  • 50 Voice Improvement Recording Forms
  • 64 Voice Tally Cards
  • 50 Voice Counting Charts
  • Balloon Race Voice Abuse Chart
  • 100 Balloon Post-it® Notes for Children
  • CD
  • Storage box

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