TWFD: Test of Word Finding in Discourse (7770) 

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TWFD: Test of Word Finding in Discourse


Ages: 6-6 through 12-11
Testing Time: 15 minutes
Administration: Individual

The Test of Word Finding in Discourse (TWFD) helps answer important diagnostic questions related to word-finding difficulties. It is intended to be used with children in Grades 1 through 6. The test can be administered using a standardized or a non-standardized procedure.

Scores obtained include the Productivity Index, a quantitative measure of how much language is produced in a child’s discourse, and the Word Finding Behaviors Index, a frequency measure of specific word-finding behaviors present in a child’s discourse. Percentile ranks and standard scores can be obtained for both indexes. Informally, the Productivity and Behaviors Indexes are both helpful when describing the nature of students' word-finding difficulties, as well as when evaluating students' word-finding difficulties in written language.

COMPLETE TWFD KIT INCLUDES: Administration, Scoring, Interpretation, and Technical Manual and 25 Record Forms. (©1991)


Word-finding, word finding, vocabulary, Speech, Comprehensive Spoken Language


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