The Walker Social Skills Curriculum: The ACCESS Complete Program (0365) 


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Adolescent Curriculum for Communication and Effective Social Skills ACCESS is a complete curriculum for teaching effective social skills to students at middle and high school levels. The program teaches peer-to-peer skills, skills for relating to adults, and self-management skills. The ACCESS curriculum, which is designed for use by both regular and special education teachers, may be taught in one-to-one, small-group, or large-group instruction formats. ACCESS contains teaching scripts for 30 social skills identified by secondary teachers and students as critical for social competence; an eight-step instructional procedure; student study guide containing role-play scripts, discrimination exercises, and student report forms for contracted practice; and suggestions for grouping of students as well as motivational, behavior management, and generalization strategies.
  1. Relating to Peers — Listening, Greeting Others, Joining In, Having Conversations, Borrowing, Offering Assistance, Complimenting, Showing a Sense of Humor, Making and Keeping Friends, Interacting with the Opposite Sex, Negotiating, Being Left Out, Handling Group Pressures, Expressing Anger, and Coping with Aggression
  2. Relating to Adults — Getting an Adult’s Attention, Disagreeing with Adults, Responding to Requests, Doing Quality Work, Working Independently, Developing Good Work Habits, Following Classroom Rules, and Developing Good Study Habits
  3. Relating to Yourself — Taking Pride in Your Appearance, Being Organized, Using Self-Control, Doing What You Agree To Do, Accepting the Consequences of Your Actions, Coping With Being Upset or Depressed, Feeling Good About Yourself

COMPLETE ACCESS PROGRAM INCLUDES: One each of Curriculum Manual and Student Study Guide (1988)

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