Section 504 Manager (12726)  ISBN: 9781416404071


Price: $84.00

Section 504 Manager
Section 504 Manager is a software program designed to manage and expedite ALL aspects of the Section 504 process.  School teams can use the software to compile and analyze information with the purpose of determining student eligibility, implementing accommodation and action plans, evaluating response to intervention, and terminating services under Section 504. 


  • Dual-platform (Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Macintosh OS X v.3.9 or later)
  • Comprehensive student demographic screen with printable parent contact log.
  • Screens for documenting assessment data and eligibility determination. 
  • Detailed database of hundreds of customizable accommodations for rapid development of 504 accommodation plans – add as many as you want with just one click.
  • 504 teams can defer a decision, but develop an action plan to evaluate student response to intervention. 
  • Allows unlimited meeting records for the same student without having to reenter demographic and other information – a big timesaver for reevaluations, end-of-year, and change of placement meetings!
  • Archive feature that allows 504 teams to store inactive records indefinitely for instant retrieval. 
  • Printable action log that helps record when accommodations are provided – great for due process meetings!
  • Integrated help screens
  • Section 504 manual is provided electronically on the CD-ROM.