Phonological Analysis Practice: An Electronic Workbook (12963)  ISBN: 9781416404200


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Phonological Analysis Practice: An Electronic Workbook

Become an expert at phonological analysis with this insightful electronic workbook! This CD-ROM includes video clips, a glossary of terms, exercises that provide feedback, printable procedures, blank forms, and developmental information.

Practice phonological procedures such as: 

  • Phonetic Inventory
  • Basic Contrasts
  • Percentage of Consonants Correct
  • Phonological Processes
  • Syllable and Word Shapes
  • Phonemic Use

System Requirements:

  • Win 98SE/ME/NT4/2000/XP (Pentium II 400 MHz processor or higher)
  • 32 MB available RAM (64 recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive


Carl GFTA Speech Sample Corrected PDF



phonological analysis, phonology, video, Phonetic Inventory, Basic Contrasts, Consonants, Phonological Processes