Talkies™: Visualizing and Verbalizing® for Oral Language Comprehension and Expression (12822) 


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Talkies™ introduces imagery as a cornerstone of early language development through multisensory stimulation that explicitly integrates imagery, language, and movement. Multisensory steps develop and apply Visualizing and Verbalizing® (V/V ®) to oral language comprehension and expression.

The goal is to engage the individual to consciously create and access mental representations and stimulate his or her awareness of the imagery-language connection. Talkies™ is not intended to diagnose or be an exclusive treatment for speech-language pathology and audiology disorders.

Talkies™ is a primer to the Visualizing and Verbalizing® (V/V ®) program from Lindamood-Bell, and the goal of Talkies™ instruction is to develop mental imagery as a base for language comprehension and expression. Talkies™ is especially helpful for students who need simple, smaller steps of instruction to establish the imagery-language connection. Talkies™ instruction may benefit students with prior third-party diagnoses of expressive language delays or autism spectrum disorders.

The manual provides the theory and specific steps to implement the Talkies™ program. It includes sample lessons, step summaries, illustrations, and helpful tips, and it describes the important questioning techniques that stimulate mental imagery.

Goals of Talkies™:

  • Bring nonverbal imagery to consciousness
  • Establish the imagery-language connection
  • Increase oral vocabulary
  • Improve language comprehension and expression

COMPLETE TALKIES™ KIT INCLUDES: Manual, Toys, Magic Stones, Large Picture Structure Words, Talking Cards Box, 255 Picturing Vocabulary!™ Cards, 3 Picturing Vocabulary!™ Tracking Charts, Picturing Vocabulary!™ Book, 3 Magic Windows, 3 Magic Glasses, Magic Bag, Colored Felts, Talkies™ Word and Sentence Reference, Picture to Picture Book, 25 Picture to Picture Posters, 3 Structure Word Boards, 3 Magic Doors, and 30 Talkies™ Program Checklists, all in a sturdy storage box. (©2006)