Tests — Sixth Edition (Softcover) (12319)  ISBN: 9781416403418


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Tests — Sixth Edition (Softcover)


A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business


This indispensable reference guide is now available in its sixth edition with even more current information on assessment instruments, including new and revised versions. It represents 2000+ tests from more than 164 publishers in three major fields:  Psychology, Education, and Business. Each of the three sections is further divided into subsections: Psychology - 21 subsections; Education - 47 subsections; and Business - 22 subsections.

Tests, 6E does not attempt to review or evaluate tests; its primary purpose is to present concise descriptions for psychologists, educators, human resource personnel, students, librarians, and other nonspecialists who need to familiarize themselves with the broad range of available tests in the English language. Some Spanish language tests are also included due to the increasing growth of the Spanish population in schools.

Each test is organized into a quick-scanning, easy-to-read format as follows

  • test title
  • authors’ names
  • copyright date
  • primary publisher
  • population for which the test is intended
  • a purpose statement
  • a brief description highlighting the test’s major features
  • format information
  • scoring method
  • and relevant coast and availability information.

Also included are five indexes compiled to make this reference even more user-friendly

  1. Test Titles
  2. Authors
  3. Publishers
  4. Tests Listed in Fifth Edition but Not in Sixth
  5. and Publishers Listed in Fifth Edition but Not in Sixth.

555 pages • © 2008 • 6x9 • softcover • ISBN 978-1-4164-0341-8




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