FFPI-C: Five-Factor Personality Inventory — Children (12615) 


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This test is based upon the Five Factor Model (previously know as Big Five Theory of Personality)

Ages: 9-0 through 18-11

Testing Time: 15 to 40 minutes
Administration: Self, Individual, or Group

The FFPI-C: Five-Factor Personality Inventory — Children is a standardized, norm-referenced self-report inventory designed to measure personality traits and dispositions in children and adolescents, as well as adults. It was normed on a representative sample of 1,284 individuals, ranging in age from 9 years 0 months and 18 years 11 months, residing in 16 different states. It is based on a modern five-factor personality theory, which concludes that five broad factors account for the majority of variance in the personality descriptors.

  1. Agreeableness — Subfacets include Trust, Straightforwardness, Altruism, Compliance, Modesty, and Tendermindedness
  2. Extraversion — Subfacets include Warmth, Gregariousness, Assertiveness, Activity, Excitement Seeking, and Positive Emotions
  3. Openness to Experience — Subfacets include Fantasy, Aesthetics, Feelings, Actions, Ideas, and Values
  4. Conscientiousness — Subfacets include Competence, Order, Dutifulness, Achievement Striving, Self-Discipline, Deliberation
  5. Emotional Regulation — Subfacets include Anxiety, Angry Hostility, Depression, Self-consciousness, Impulsiveness, and Vulnerability
The FFPI-C, established across many cultures and languages, has two primary uses:
  1. It is an efficient method of identifying, evaluating, and describing social adjustment and academic performance difficulties in children and adolescents.
  2. It is a valid and reliable research tool for all types of personality traits or dispositions, yielding confident statistical results.
Mental health professionals or researchers studying child and adolescent personality can use it. The inventory can be self-, individually-, or group-administered by any professional with psychological and personality assessment experience. Total completion time, including instructions, is between 15 to 40 minutes. It yields raw scores, T-scores, and percentiles.

The test contains 75 items, each of which has two opposing anchor statements. Respondents are to choose the statement that best represents their opinion and then make a qualitative decision on the degree of support for their choice by filing in one of five circles.

COMPLETE FFPI-C KIT INCLUDES: Examiner’s Manual and 25 Administration and Scoring Forms, all in a sturdy storage box. ©2007


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