Wide Range Achievement Test–Fourth Edition (WRAT4) (12150) 

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Ages: 5 through 94
Testing Time: 30 to 45 minutes
Administration: Individual or group

The fourth edition of the Wide Range Achievement Test includes a new subtest, Reading Comprehension, in addition to the original Word Reading, Spelling, and Arithmetic subtests. The WRAT4 provides standard scores and percentile ranks by both age and grade, a national stratified sample, scaling and item analysis by the Rasch Method and two equivalent alternate test forms. These alternate forms, Blue and Green, can be used for pretesting and post-testing or combined for more comprehensive test results.


  • Word Reading – recognizing and naming letters, pronouncing printed words
  • Reading Comprehension – reading and understanding the meaning of sentences
  • Spelling – writing name; writing letters and words from dictation
  • Arithmetic – counting, reading number symbols, oral and written computation

Areas of Special Effectiveness:

  • Identifying level of coding performance on an absolute scale in relation to age/grade peers
  • Identifying level of reading comprehension on an absolute scale in relation to age/grade peers
  • Diagnosing learning disabilities in reading, spelling, and arithmetic when used in conjunction with a comprehensive test of general ability
  • Measuring the development of basic academic codes over time when intervention techniques are attempted
  • Studying relationships between the coding aspects of reading and arithmetic with the behavioral disabilities of verbal and numerical comprehension and problem solving

COMPLETE WRAT4 KIT INCLUDES: Includes Professional Manual, Blue Test Forms (25), Green Test Forms (25), Blue Response Forms (25), Green Response Forms (25), Blue Sentence Comprehension Test Forms (25), Green Sentence Comprehension Forms (25), Sentence Comprehension Cards (3), Place Marker, Word Reading Card, Spelling Card, black canvas bag. (©2006)


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