Steps to Self-Determination: A Curriculum to Help Adolescents Learn to Achieve Their Goals (11810)  ISBN: 9781416401575


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Self-determination is a key component of successful transition programs. Steps to Self-Determination is a curriculum designed to help secondary students learn to define and achieve goals that are important to them. Major areas included in the curriculum include:
  • Progress tracking with the Self-Determination Knowledge Scale pretest/posttest
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, needs, and preferences
  • Developing decision-making skills
  • Identifying rights and responsibilities
  • Goal setting
  • Anticipating consequences
  • Enhancing creativity
  • Developing communication skills
  • Accessing resources and support
  • Developing negotiation skills
  • Experiencing and learning from outcomes

Instructor's Guide
Includes detailed lesson plans for 16 class sessions plus reproducible transparencies 

Contains the Studenty Activity Book and the Self-Determination Knowledge Scale in PDF format

Introduces the concept of self-determination

Student Activity Book
Can be reproduced from the CD-ROM or a print versoin may be purchased separately

Self-Determination Knowledge Scale
Can be reproduced from either the Instructor's Guide or the CD-ROM


  • Instructor's Guide containing detailed lesson plans for 16 class session plus reproducible transparencies.
  • CD-ROM containing the Student Activity Book and Self-Determination Knowledge Scale on PDF files
  • DVD introducing the concept of Self-Determination

The print version of the Steps to Self-Determination Student Activity Book is sold separately.

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