Conversations with Conjunctions: Assessment and Activities for Oral Language (13551)  ISBN: 9781416404699


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Conversations with Conjunctions: Assessment and Activities for Oral Language

TARGET GROUP: 7-18 years

This useful material provides conversational strategies to help students master the use of conjunctions in oral language. This program gives students a solid base on which to build reading and writing skills, and better understand classroom discourse and textbooks. Pre- and posttests identify students’ needs and monitor progress. Lessons include:

  • Coordinating Conjunctions-and, but, for, nor, or, yet
  • Subordinating Conjunctions-after, so that, in order that, although, through, than, as, as if, as long as, unless, because, until, before, when, whenever, if, where, wherever, since, while
  • Correlative Conjunctions-both...and, either...or, neither...nor, not only...but also, whether...or

Reinforce the use of conjunctions with a variety of methods that encourage active learning and provide instant feedback. Plus, make use of American Sign Language (ASL) to teach the meaning of each conjunction. This unique approach allows you to present abstract words in visual, concrete terms.

Look at all the ways you'll have to involve students in conversation building activities:

  • 25 ASL signs
  • 144 reproducible stimulus picture cards
  • Reproducible gameboard
  • Short narratives and story starters
  • Reproducible worksheets
  • Reproducible parent and teacher letters

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