Section 504 and Public Schools — Second Edition (12307)  ISBN: 9781416402534


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A Practical Guide for Determining Eligibility, Developing Accommodation Plans, and Documenting Compliance


This practical resource, now in its second edition, navigates public school personnel through the process of determining eligibility for students with disabilities as outlined in Section 504.  It also acts as a reference guide to the basics of both the legal formalities and practical applications of Section 504 in school settings. Included are Eligibility Determination Forms that provide a format for documentation of the appropriate steps taken in considering eligibility.  This essential book also provides clarification to relevant concerns and questions, such as:

  • What is Section 504?
  • Who must comply and who is eligible under Section 504?
  • How is Section 504 beneficial to disabled students?
  • What is required and expected of public schools?
  • What defines “disability,” “free appropriate public education” (FAPE), and “substantial limitation” in reference to “major life activities” under Section 504?
  • What are acceptable accommodations under Section 504?

Complete Program Includes: 

  • Book (6 x 9, 105 pages, softcover, ©2007, ISBN 978-141640253-4)
  • A pad of 25 Eligibility Determination Forms. (#12308)