Learning Disability Quarterly (LDQ)

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Published: Quarterly
ISSN: 07319487 (print)
ISSN:15384764 (electronic)



Learning Disability Quarterly publishes high-quality research and scholarship concerning children, youth, and adults with learning disabilities (LD). The journal seeks to provide articles with the potential to affect and improve educational outcomes, opportunities, and services..


LDQ provides

  • Original research with an applied focus on identification, assessment, intervention, or programming that have been applied with populations with LD and that have application in special or general education settings
  • Interpretive reviews of the literature related directly to individuals with LD that are integrative, critical, and systematic
  • Conceptual, policy, or position papers that specify developing conceptual theories or models related to learner, method, programming, or material variables relevant to populations with LD, as well as policy and position papers that delineate major issues or trends in the field
  • Research-based practices in personnel preparation that detail or present investigations of models for preservice and in-service education of professionals and paraprofessionals in the LD field
  • Special series containing manuscripts related to a topic of major interest to the field.
  • and (a) critical reviews of child/student, professional, and teacher preparation materials; (b) articles oriented toward the practical needs of the LD practitioner; and (c) information pertaining to state and federal laws, legislation, policies, rules, and regulations, so long as their implications for practice are addressed

Aims & Scope

Articles should offer high-quality research and scholarship concerning children, youth, and adults with learning disabilities, especially material that may help improve educational outcomes, opportunities, and services. The main emphasis of a submitted manuscript should be on learning disabilities rather than on topics or studies that incidentally include participants with LD or only indirectly relate to the field of learning disabilities. Manuscripts that address populations “at risk” for LD or identified as having other related conditions will be considered when a clear statement of pertinence to LD is included. 

Learning Disability Quarterly is the official journal of the Council for Learning Disabilities (CLD).