Word of Mouth (WoM)

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Published: 5 times/year
ISSN: 10483950 (print)

ISSN: 21543941 (electronic)


Your job serving increasing numbers of children with language disabilities is demanding. How can you find time to keep up with so many journals and books and still meet the language needs of the youngsters on your caseload? Let us do the work for you. Word of Mouth (WoM) addresses your needs as a frontline clinician interested in keeping up with the latest trends in working with school-age children. It's 16 pages of bare-bones, practical information.

Regular features include

  • reviews—summaries of journal articles, books, and related resources in a format that is easy to read and ready to apply
  • resources—up-to-date reviews of new materials
  • idea swap—readers present ideas and materials they have used successfully
  • short bits—brief clips of research findings, networking opportunities, updates of legislation, and similar material.

This publication is one of the most useful documents that I have ever received. Thank you for your timely attention to the issues public school speech pathologists face today.
–SLP, Pontiac, IL

My highest praise for your excellent publication. I like your good commonsense comments after articles. This is the only publication I read from cover to cover.
–SLP, San Diego, CA