Topics in Early Childhood Special Education (TECSE)

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Published: 4 times/year
ISSN: 02711214 (print)
ISSN: 15384845 (electronic)


Topics in Early Childhood Special Education provides the most current, relevant research on all aspects of early childhood education for children with special needs, including the families of such youngsters. TECSE focuses on information that will improve the lives of young children and their families. The practical nature of this journal helps professionals improve service delivery systems for preschool children with special needs.

Types of Manuscripts

  • reports of original research— includes experimental studies using group or single-subject designs, descriptive studies using observational or survey methodologies, case studies, and qualitative investigations
  • literature reviews
  • conceptual statements — presentations of particular issues, topics, or practices in EI that are one of three types: (1) clear articulation of particular problems in the field; (2) presentation of new conceptual foundations for approaching, analyzing, and potentially solving defined problems; or (3) descriptions of innovations for practice
  • position papers — descriptions of selected issues for which the existing literature is insufficient to make definitive conclusions
  • program descriptions — discussions of specific, well-developed programs of service or training that are innovative; involve a unique arrangement of existing resources to provide early intervention services or training in early intervention; or solve particularly recalcitrant problems

Aims & Scope

Topics in Early Childhood Special Education communicates information about early intervention, which is defined broadly and includes services provided to (a) infants, toddlers, and preschoolers who are at risk for or display developmental delays and disabilities and (b) the families of such youngsters. TECSE includes articles on personnel preparation, policy issues, and operation of intervention programs. Manuscripts from (a) diverse theoretical perspectives, (b) all disciplines related to early intervention, and (c) all authors with information of value to the early intervention community are welcome.