Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin (RCB)

Editor: Douglas C. Strohmer, PhD
Published: 4 times/year
ISSN: 0034-3552 (print)
ISSN: 1538-4853 (electronic)

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Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin (RCB) an international journal, features articles important to rehabilitation counseling practitioners in counseling, education, or research settings.
RCB includes
  • original empirical research
  • theoretical essays
  • comprehensive literature reviews
  • intensive case studies
  • research critiques
  • book and test reviews
Article topics cover a wide range—from ethical dilemmas related to counseling clients with HIV/AIDS to the training needs of state vocational rehabilitation counselors. Special series focus on specific issues, such as race and rehabilitation services. The "Lessons From Life" section offers insightful personal narratives that have meaningful applications to, or implications for, education, research, or practice.
Articles published in RCB received first, second, and third place in the ARCA 2004 Research Awards.
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Aims & Scope

Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin (RCB) is the official journal of the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association (ARCA). RCB publishes articles on rehabilitation counseling with a major emphasis on data-based research reports, although other types of contributions to professional knowledge in rehabilitation counseling will be considered. Examples include articles that explain an innovative technique or application, point/counterpoint debates on a current controversy challenging the profession, or insightful essays on an important issue. Contributions of these kinds may be considered for a special section of RCB. Article topics cover a wide range—from ethical dilemmas related to counseling clients with HIV/AIDS to clinical problem solving in micro-case management. For example, a recent special series on ethics featured articles about ethical issues related to rehabilitation research, addiction counseling, and expert opinions and testimony.