Remedial and Special Education (RASE)

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Published: 6 times/year
ISSN: 07419325 (print)
ISSN: 15384756 (electronic)


Remedial and Special Education offers quality interdisciplinary scholarship that bridges the gap between theory and practice involving the education of individuals for whom typical instruction is not effective. The emphasis is on articles that have compelling implications for the practice of remedial and special education.

Topics include

  • definition, identification, assessment, characteristics, management, and instruction of underachieving and exceptional children, youth, and adults
  • related services
  • family involvement
  • service delivery systems
  • legislation and litigation
  • professional standards and training

Aims & Scope

Remedial and Special Education is devoted to the discussion of issues involving the education of persons for whom typical instruction is not effective. Types of manuscripts considered for publication are

  • Original research studies — experimental (group and single-subject methodologies), quasi-experimental, descriptive (e.g., observational studies, surveys), correlational, and qualitative designs
  • literature reviews — meta-analyses, best-evidence syntheses, and other systematic reviews of the literature
  • family involvement
  • conceptual, policy, and position papers