The Journal of Special Education (JSE)

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Published: 4 times/year
ISSN: 00224669 (print)
ISSN: 15384764 (electronic)


Professionals have relied on The Journal of Special Education for timely, sound research in the area of special education. JSE provides research articles and scholarly reviews by expert authors in all subspecialties of special education for individuals with disabilities ranging from mild to severe. JSE’s goal is to add to current scholarship and provide a sense of emerging directions in the field.

JSE publishes

  • reports of empirical research — descriptions of research studies that include students with disabilities or remedial education students, their teachers and other service providers, and/or parents. These studies must have clear, important implications for special education research and practice.
  • scholarly reviews — focused syntheses that integrate extant research bases that are important to the improvement of the practice of special and remedial education

Aims & Scope

A multidisciplinary publication presenting primary research and scholarly reviews related to special education, JSE considers research representing diverse methodologies, including group design, single-subject research, and ethnographic studies. Manuscripts initially are screened for (a) appropriateness of content for JSE, (b) adherence to guidelines specified in the APA publication manual, (c) readability of text, and (d) explicit statement of implications for the practice of special education. Major criteria for publication are quality of design, implementation, and writing, as well as importance to the field. 

The Journal of Special Education is the official journal of the Division for Research (DR) of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).