Intervention in School and Clinic (ISC)

Intervention in School and Clinic

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Published: 5 times/year
ISSN: 10534512 (print)
ISSN: 15384810 (electronic)


Intervention equips teachers and clinicians with hands-on tips, techniques, methods, and ideas for improving assessment, instruction, and management for individuals with learning disabilities or behavior disorders. This innovative and readable periodical provides educational information ready for immediate implementation.

Regular features include

  • cover stories on timely, important issues
  • "What Works for Me" — practitioners' suggestions on instructional strategies and management techniques
  • "Technology Trends" — innovations in technology
  • "Policy and Law Briefs" — provides explanations and implications for existing laws and legislation that affect the field of special education; offers updates on new legislation under review
  • "Global Perspectives" focuses on work with students with LD or EBD from an international viewpoint
  • "An Interview With…" — perspectives from educators, students, administrators, or parents


Aims & Scope

Intervention in School and Clinic is practitioner-oriented and designed to provide practical, research-based ideas to educators who work with students with severe learning disabilities and emotional/behavioral problems. Emphasis is placed on strategies and techniques that can be easily implemented in school or clinic settings and address the multifaceted needs of students with severe LD and emotional/behavioral problems. Specifically, articles should target curricular, instructional, social, behavioral, assessment, and vocational strategies and techniques and have direct application to the classroom setting.

The Council for Learning Disabilities (CLD) provides Intervention as one of its membership benefits.