Name It! - 2 Game COMBO (20873) 

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Name It! - 2 Game COMBO

Hands-On Language Development

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Reading Level Nonreaders
Interest Level 2 - 12

The Name It! Games 1 & 2 COMBO includes two innovative, easy-to-play games designed to help teachers determine whether individuals are understanding and retaining functional life skills words.

While many speech programs show students picture cards and ask them to name the items, it is difficult to determine whether the students understand the relationship between items within a category. The Name It! Games encourage students to communicate, listen carefully, and use their short and long-term memory skills to demonstrate comprehension of common words.

The Name It! Game

When players land on a game board square or select a draw card, they read a question, which asks them to name an item within a category. The categories are Fruits, Animals, Body Parts, Colors, Sports, Holidays, Vegetables, Signs, Vehicles, TV Shows, People, States, Towns, Breakfast Foods, Months and Days of the Week, School Subjects, Community Helpers, Grooming Items, Rooms in a House, Stores, Exercises, Cleaning Chores, Restaurants, and Teachers at School.

For example, if a player lands on the 'Name a Fruit' square and they state 'apple,' the game monitor records the answer on the score sheet under 'Fruits.' When another player is asked to name a fruit, any fruit can be named except those already provided. Players receive one point for providing an answer that has not already been given; each player keeps their own score, and the first person to reach 25 points wins.

Game includes: Full-color game board, 20 draw cards, 6 playing pieces, Die (with numbers 1, 2, 3, repeated twice), and Teacher's Guide.

A 20-page reproducible Teacher's Guide contains student score sheet, answer sheet, and study guide blackline masters. Detailed instructions are given for game setup, getting ready to play, and playing the game. The Teacher's Guide also contains alphabetical word lists for students who need extra practice. These lists can be given students to for independent practice or sent home to help them prepare for the next Name It! Game.

The Name It! 2 Game

Like the original Name It!, this game provides students with fun ways to demonstrate whether common words are being understood and retained. Unlike speech programs that show picture cards and ask students to name the items, this game asks students to use their short-term and long-term memories to name dozens of functional, everyday words. The easy-to-read questions on the game board and draw cards ask players to name examples of items or people.

Name It! 2 Game categories include: Sounds, School Supplies, Desserts, Songs, Books, Insects, Smells, Meats and Fish, Clothing Items, Dogs, Balls, Kitchen Items, Furniture Items, Classmates, School Rules, Kinds of Weather, Streets, Movies, Sports Teams, Countries, Community Places, Games, Drinks, and Jobs

How the Game Works

When players land on a game-board square or select a draw card, they must name a word that matches the given category. For example, the first player to land on 'Name a Sound' can state 'telephone ringing,' as pictured on the square. The game monitor records the answer on the 'Name It!' score sheet under 'Sounds,' and play moves to the next player. When another player lands on the same square, he or she can name any sound except 'telephone ringing,' as that sound has already been named. Game progresses in the above manner, presenting questions in 24 categories.


Players receive one point for giving answers that have not already been used. Players keep their own scores, and the first person to reach 25 wins.

Game Includes: Game Board with 12 full-color illustrations, 20 full-color Draw Cards, 6 Playing Pieces, Game Die (with the numbers 1, 2, 3), and Teacher's Guide with instructions and 720 answer suggestions.

CHOKING HAZARD: Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.