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Articulation Songs for Speech Practice

These delightful songs provide opportunities for fun and engaging practice for R, S, Ch, Sh, Th, and L sounds. The lyrics are filled with positive messages that encourage a “can do” attitude. The lyrics are repetitive, easy to sing and motivate students to use their “new sound” in all speaking situations.

At the bottom of each song, the SLP will find a table listing the words that occur in the song. It even tells how many times the target sound occurs in each song! The singing activity encourages fast production, mixed practice and carryover of the “new sound” to spontaneous speech.

These songs were designed to assist children with articulation correction. The lyrics encourage students to use the correct speech sound in a variety of settings and transfer the correct production to all aspects of their daily life. Familiar tunes have been used with simple, repetitive lyrics. With song and music supplementing speech session, practicing speech production becomes more fun for students.

The songs support students in the following ways:

  • Mixed Practice Articulation Drill: Students are provided with a meaningful structure while they use the target sound in various positions of words and sentences.
  • Rapid Production Practice: The rhythm of the songs and the tunes themselves promote rapid production of the target sounds. Student may practice the target sounds before singing them, but while singing are provided with opportunities for meaningful rapid productions.
  • Literacy Support: Students become highly motivated to read the songs and sing along with their peers. Many songs are easily memorized and this is helpful for students who struggle in this area.

Some lyrics refer to how the correct sound is made. Phrases such as “where my tongue tip goes” “feel the air” or “my lips reach out” refer to specific behaviors that help promote correct production. The songs for each speech sound have been listed in the table of contents in alphabetical order. They vary in language complexity and reading difficulty, with simple lyrics for those sounds acquired with younger students (e.g. L-sound).

The CD contains PDFs of song pages with colored art.

TARGET GROUP: Pre-K through 5th grade

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COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: 140 page, 8.5 x 11 softcover manual and CD-ROM (©2012).


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