How To Write and Implement Social Scripts (12175)  ISBN: 9781416401537


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PRO-ED Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders

How to Write and Implement Social Scripts contains research-based social-script strategies for addressing social, communication, and behavioral skills in individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). A description of and research support for each strategy is provided, along with an explanation of how to implement each strategy and examples of how the strategies may be implemented across individuals of varying ages and abilities.

The strategies include visually represented scripts, stories, and rules. Each is a strategy that requires only basic training to implement correctly, little money and materials, and little time to implement. Such strategies are among those most likely to be used by practitioners and those that will most likely be implemented correctly.

Additionally, the strategies are presented visually, using a picture or written words to clarify instruction. A visual script for a student with ASD to use when unsure of an appropriate social greeting serves as a self-prompt, rather than one delivered by a teacher or parent. Such self-provided prompts may be less socially stigmatizing than verbal reminders given by adults or companions.

42 Pages • 6 x 9 • softcover • ©2006

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Autism, PDD, Asperger Syndrome, Social Scripts, Autism Spectrum Disorders