Revised Token Test (RTT) (0605) 


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The Revised Token Test (RTT), a clinical and research tool, is a revision of the Token Test by DeRenzi and Vignolo. The RTT is a sensitive quantitative and descriptive test battery for auditory processing inefficiencies and disorders associated with brain damage, aphasia, and certain language and learning disabilities.

Percentile ranks are available for nondisabled and right- and left-hemisphere brain-damaged adults ages 20 through 80 for each of the 10 RTT subtests and for overall performance. Experimental evidence is reported for concurrent and construct validity, as well as for test-retest, intrascorer, and interscorer reliability.

The Revised Token Test is an invaluable tool for designing effective rehabilitation programs, and in quantifying small amounts of patient change for both clinical and research purposes.

Complete RTT Kit includes: Examiner's Manual, Administration Manual and 25 Scoring Forms, Profile Forms, and 20 Tokens, all in a sturdy storage box. (1978)