A Call for Field Examiners

PRO-ED is seeking assessment professionals to participate in upcoming test standardizations. Your participation in such studies can help us maintain the high quality standards of PRO-ED assessment instruments. Details of any particular study will be specified when it is sent to you for your consideration. Completion and submission of this form does not commit you to participation in future studies.

Tests we are Currently Standardizing:

Select the tests you are interested in standardizing. If you simply want to be added to our database for future tests, select that option at the end of the list.

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Add me to the Field Testing Database and notify me about future assessments.
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1. In which of the following areas might you or your staff consider participating for future test tryouts or standardizations? (Check all that apply)

2. Which of the following are represented on your staff? (Check all that apply)

3. Which of the following best describes your place of employment? (Check all that apply)

4. The percentage of individuals you evaluate who are:
At Risk Special Normally Developing
5. Do you have access to:
Normally developing children? Normal adults?
6. What ages are you able to test?
7. Do you have access to individuals with any of the following types of special needs? (Please check all that apply)

8. The percentage of individuals you evaluate who are:
African American / Black Caucasian / White Other
Asian Native American/ American Indian
9. Regardless of race, what percentage of the clients you assess are of Hispanic origin?
10. Among the Hispanic clients, approximately what percentage do NOT speak English proficiently?
11. What is the approximate size of the communities you serve? (Check all that apply)

12. What percentage of your clients are in the following income brackets?
Upper Middle Lower
13. How did you hear about PRO-ED field testing?
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