Let's Talk About Life Skills Digital Version COMBO (Set of 2 CDs) (20815) 


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800 Real-World Discussion Questions!

Digital Version CD contains PDFs that can be projected on IWB or printed.

Interest Level 3 - 12

Let's Talk About Life Skills is based on the recently updated series of board games, Life Skills Series for Today's World. With these two easy-to-use CDs, teachers can teach and reinforce meaningful, contemporary life skills to prepare students for success in life. This high-interest, real-world content can be used for group instruction with groups of any size or for one-on-one instruction.

Each topic features 80 questions, each with suggested answers; a note section, with background information to be shared with the students; and a practice activity. For example, a group might be asked, "What helps you calm down when you're angry?" All participants would learn additional ways to calm down from their peers. This interactive discussion format promotes expressive communication skills along with the social skills related to working with a group.

Let's Talk About Life Skills CDs 1 & 2 Includes: 800 Discussion Questions and 800 Practice Activities.

Topics covered in Let's Talk About Life Skills 1 include:

  • Behavior
  • Community
  • Basic Information
  • Money & Time
  • Survival Signs

Topics covered in Let's Talk About Life Skills 2 include:

  • Safety
  • Social Skills
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Career Exploration
  • Shopping & Cooking