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General Science Series Meets National Science Education Standards

Reading Level: 3 - 4.5
Interest Level:
5 - 12

General Science Series: Physical Science meets national science education standards and features engaging supplements for existing science curriculum. Key science concepts are presented in an easy-to-read format along with sophisticated photos and illustrations. The low reading level and high-interest visuals make the Student Texts and reproducible activity sheets appealing to struggling readers.

The standards-based programs are appropriate for on-level students,students with learning differences, and students and adults reading below grade level.

Key physical science concepts are presented in a visually stimulating, easy-to-read format designed for struggling learners and students with learning differences. Focuses on promoting a clear understanding of the material.

Chapter Titles

    • Matter
    • Describing Matter
    • Motion and Forces
    • Work and Energy
    • Heat
    • Sound
    • Light
    • Electricity
    • Magnetism

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