Real World Audio Cards: All 8 Sets (20482) 


Price: $640.00

Builds Real-World Vocabulary

Reading Level: Nonreaders
Interest Level: K - 12

Together, PCI and Califone developed these sets of audio cards for use with the Califone CardMaster. Each prerecorded audio card has a realistic photograph or full-color illustration. Some of the sets include basic sentences to help provide context for the words. As students hear the words on these cards and record themselves saying the words, they develop and improve reading and vocabulary skills.

  • SURVIVAL SIGNS: Covers 48 indoor and outdoor survival signs, including closed, exit, stop, and no parking.
  • MONEY WORDS: 48 audio cards cover coins, bills, and money amounts, including pennies, nickels, quarters, and dollar bills.
  • EVERYDAY WORDS 1: Set includes 48 audio cards that cover common items, such as house and scissors.
  • EVERYDAY WORDS 2: Set includes 48 audio cards that cover common items, such as jelly and computer.
  • BASIC VOCABULARY WORDS 2: Set covers 48 basic nouns and adjectives, such as game and fast.
  • SIGHT WORDS 1: 48 audio cards cover basic sight words like do and we.
  • TELLING TIME WORDS: 48 audio cards cover time words and times, such as clock and minute.
  • COMMUNITY HELPERS, PLACES & VEHICLES: 48 audio cards cover people, places, and vehicles found in the community, including firefighter and police car.

Each set includes: 48 Audio Cards and a Teacher's Guide with a Progress Chart.

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