CIPSI: Career Interests, Preferences, and Strengths Inventory (13907)  ISBN: 9781416405030


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Quick and easy strengths-based interest inventory for your students — user-friendly software!

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Ages: 11 through 22 years
Reading Level:
3rd Grade
Testing Time: 15-30 minutes
Individual or group

The Career Interests, Preferences, and Strengths Inventory (CIPSI) is an excellent informal career exploration tool for students from 5th grade through high school. Students identify their personal interests, strengths, general preferences, and favored careers. Through the CIPSI, those choices are aligned with the U.S. Department of Education 16 Career Clusters.

Help your students examine each of these facets separately, then in combination, and begin to explore the careers within their clusters of interest and strength. The four surveys include short, low reading level items which represent careers requiring a broad range of training levels.

The CIPSI Manual helps teachers and counselors guide individual students and groups of students through the process of exploring, investigating, and planning for careers. After completion of the inventory, students are given personalized, in-depth reports linking their results to career descriptions and information for further exploration. Group and classroom reports are available also. Reproducible career exploration and planning lessons are available in the manual.

Key features of the CIPSI include:

  • Examines the student’s interests, preferences, and strengths in one set of surveys
  • Encourages early exploration for students in middle school
  • Allows high school students to use this information to develop a career choice action plan
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Can be completed in 20 minutes
  • Can be given to groups on paper or to individuals on the computer
  • Easy data entry from printed versions for computer reports

The program will run on Windows 2000 and XP and Macintosh OS X 10.3.9 or higher.

Complete CIPSI Kit Includes: CD-ROM and 56-page Manual. (©2012)


career interest, transition, career preferences, career strengths, career counseling