What Do I Like to Do? 101 Activities to Identify Interests and Plan Careers (10939)  ISBN: 9781416400493


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What Do I Like to Do? 101 Activities to Identify Interests and Plan Careers

What Do I like to Do? assists school counselors, career development professionals, and counselor educators in the measurement of a student's interests and provides reproducible activities for immediate use. Short checklists and hands-on, practical, fun activities help students understand themselves, and begin to plan for the achievement of educational and career goals. Specific instructions for using the activities to teach measurable outcomes are included.

The activities can be done at school or at home, may involve teachers, employers, family members and friends, and are suitable for individuals, teams, and large groups. Although the activities are primarily for middle school and high school students, many could be modified for elementary students or adults.


  • Includes more than 100 ready-made activities
  • Demonstrates the relationship between student interests and school subjects, postsecondary education, training, occupations, jobs, and hobbies
  • Illustrates how interests can be measured quickly without a published inventory and how to select a commercial interest inventory for their program
  • Provides an opportunity to integrate career development into the classroom by associating an activity with lessons in such subjects as mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, and art
  • Shows how to involve local employers in a career development program

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